My Yes Week


Last week I said yes to going along to a small networking event for local creatives, small business owners and bloggers. This took me very much out of my comfort zone but I’m so glad I did it. My initial reaction to the invite was ‘yeah that sounds good’ then that little voice of doubt piped up- ‘you won’t know anyone’, ‘you haven’t been blogging long enough to call yourself a blogger’. I don’t know when my default became putting myself down but I know that in saying yes to an experience that put me out of my comfort zone- and it going really well- I started to see the benefit of saying yes a bit more.

The day after the event I went into work unknowingly inspired, I caught myself shying away from an interesting opportunity and decided to say yes again to something I almost talked myself out of. I wouldn’t have caught myself defaulting to ‘no’ without the experience of networking but I’m so glad I did and I now have another great opportunity for personal development.

Yes to Blogging

I don’t think I would have said yes to either of these experiences if I hadn’t been blogging again. One of my favourite things about writing my blog, next to it being my creative outlet, is the confidence you gain in yourself. It takes a lot to write down your inner thoughts, stories and opinions and share them with the world but I’m starting to see the benefits of breaking out of my comfort zone in different areas of my life.

The Power of Yes

In saying yes just twice in one week I have met some lovely new people, made a great new contact for my blogging and given myself the opportunity of learning some new skills. I wonder what I’ve missed it on because I’ve taken an easy no? Or what I might miss out on because I’m scared? With this in mind I’m setting myself a challenge of saying yes more- and I think you should too!

  • Yes to new experiences that will benefit me personally, at work or with my blog.
  • Yes to learning new things.
  • Yes to putting myself out of my comfort zone.

Yes is an incredible word and if used wisely can have amazing results and help you achieve things in all areas of your life.

What will you say yes to this week?



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